Manufacturing Plant

Our Factory Capacity Guarantees Our Promise to Your Business

Our in-house ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing plant is equipped with the latest printing machines from Germany to deliver precision and quality.

Banway is also a one-stop channel for customers from creative, material sourcing, final production and deliver to local and international destinations.

We have production capacity which has been delivering to more than 3000 of our clients. Therefore, we deliver what we promised


Notebooks produced every year

4000 Sqm

Specialized production area


Successful clients served

Dedicated Notebook Covers
Manufacturing Procedures



Logo Stamping

Gold Stamping



Inner Page Printing

Full-color printing machine is available for your customized inner pages. Besides, stock inner pages are ready to use for quick turnarounds

Paper Rolls In-Stock

Paper Cutting

Paper Printing

Paper Binding

Paper Printing

Paper Binding

Finishing A Notebook Is Never
As Easy As What You Imagine

Skill person are require from cover stitching, gluing to final inspection. To have a quality product and lower the defective percentage, we control every process strictly.

Full Inspection Under The
Professional QC

Before the notebooks are packaged, our expertise QC will conduct a full inspection on them.

The inspections should include

  • Logo
  • Cover
  • Inner pages
  • Binding
  • Bookmark and other accessories